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Farewell, My Friends!

June has passed us by! I hope you are enjoying the first week of summer holidays and managing to keep cool in this heatwave. 🙂

I would like to send out a big thank you to all of you parents for your support in our Grade 3 year together. I absolutely loved working with your children and I always find it a privilege to learn as much from them as they ever could from me. I wish each and every one of them the best of what this world has to offer!

To you and your family, have a safe and happy summer holiday. ❤

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Happy New Year

It is only January 7th and yet we are on day 4 of the new year together!  It was great to see so many smiling faces back in class last week.  This week we are wrapping up our Jan Brett author study.  We read many of her books in December and I’m so happy to see that the kids are still interested in her books after the break.  In this theme we have been focusing on story elements (setting, characters, problem, solution) and on comparing and contrasting stories.  The students love to find out that Jan Brett gains inspiration for many of her stories from books she read as a child.  It helps us as young writers to know that we can take a published book and change some elements to create an entirely new story that is all our own!  Here is a link to a Wallwisher we worked on before Christmas telling about our favourite Jan Brett books:

Jan Brett Wallwisher

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Daily 5

We are now up to four of our five “dailies” in our Daily 5 literacy program.  Students are able to choose from Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, or Work on Writing during each of our rounds.  We have two or three rounds each morning, as well as some literacy mini-lessons on reading strategies and writing skills.  We also enjoy a teacher read-aloud each day with a book from our featured theme.  (This month, it’s Mrs. Brokenshire’s favourite – a Jan Brett author study!!)  Here is a look at our Daily 5 in action:

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Read to Someone

We introduced our third activity in our Daily 5 language arts program.  This one is called Read to Someone, and it is very popular with the class.  Here’s a look at our first time trying out this shared reading activity.

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Happy Spring Break!

The calendar says it is spring, our spring break has arrived, and now we just need the weather to catch up! I hope everyone has a wonderful break and we return in April to a much drier playground. 🙂

It was great to see all of you at our portfolio walks earlier this month. You can see firsthand just how much your child has grown academically over the past few months. We are now into our final term of Grade 3, and looking forward to starting some new units after the break.

Since our last update we have:

– practiced the reading comprehension strategies of self-questioning and summarizing, as well as the fluency skill of reading in phrases with pauses at the punctuation marks
– explored the use of descriptive verbs, adverbs, and adjectives in our writing
– learned about the different environments of Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India
– brainstormed ways that people are influenced by their environment and how they affect their environment
– created and compared increasing patterns
– read a medieval times novel and completed a novel study unit

Enjoy your final week of March!

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Jan. 13 Weekly Update

This week in math we explored equal parts of a whole in our study of fractions. We reviewed graphing and creating line plots to show a collection of data, and we also practiced refining our strategies for adding 2-digit numbers. In science we learned about how the ear works, safe listening practices, and how we measure volume. We read a few more poems in our poetry mini-unit, and tried our hand at writing an original poem based on a model. As readers, we learned about the comprehension strategy of visualizing, or creating mental images while we read. We wrapped up the week with our final inline skate session with Mrs. McQuesten and our guest instructor.

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Welcome to Our Class

Welcome to our grade 3 classroom blog. This is the place to be when you want to find out all that is going on in our room. We have busy days filled with reading, writing, sharing ideas, working together, and having fun. And in the middle of it all…the grade 3 monkeys!

Click on this link for a short video of some September Fun.

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