Farewell, November!

The month of November has whizzed by!  It was great to see all of you at our portfolio walks.  I’m so proud of our kids and all that they have accomplished so far in Grade 3.  A lot of learning has gone on, and we are so settled into our routines that we can maximize our time and focus our attention on our learning activities, which is great.

As you can see from the portfolios, we have wrapped up our animal life cycles unit in science, and we have moved onto a study of hearing and sound.  The kids have been investigating some “driving questions” and learning how to find information that answers their questions.  It’s wonderful to see them develop their critical thinking skills and learn some ways to record and organize information along the way.  

Right now in social studies, we are integrating some current events with the curricular outcomes of learning about service organizations, humanitarian aid efforts, and cultures around the world.  We have decided to support the Red Cross with their assistance in the Philippines following the typhoon earlier this month.  Our class is organizing a school-wide fundraiser that will help to make Christmas a little brighter for our friends in the Philippines.  We will share more information about this fundraiser next week, but right now your children are busy planning, researching, and creating informative posters and PowerPoint slides.  

Please check out the Upcoming Events tab for some information on what’s up in the month ahead.



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